Press Room

Panaxia and Neuraxpharm will be the first companies to exclusively launch Medical Cannabis Extracts for Inhalation in Europe

Panaxia Israel continues growth trend in the first quarter of 2021: reports record revenues of 19.7 million

Panaxia and Leriva announced: Exclusive collaborations in Greece

Panaxia ramping up expansion into Europe and stepping away from distribution and logistics operations in Israel

Panaxia Israel announces estimated record revenues of at least 19 million in Q1 2021

Panaxia closes out 2020 tripling revenues to a record-breaking 60.7 million

Panaxia announces first retail sales of its products for patients in Germany

Government of Cyprus selects Israeli company Panaxia: Will purchase its premium oils for the country's medical cannabis patients

Unprecedented international achievement for Panaxia: selected as one of the four main winners in the French government tender for regulation of the medical cannabis industry

Panaxia continues its upward trend: Ends Q3 with record revenues of 16.8 million

Panaxia and Neuraxpharm expand strategic collaboration to France with medical cannabis

Panaxia is the first Israeli company to receive a marketing permit for medical cannabis products in Germany

Panaxia Global Reports that Panaxia Israel ended the 3rd quarter of 2020 with record revenues

Panaxia Global Reports: Panaxia Israel Continues to Grow

Panaxia’s agreement with international pharma Neuraxpharm is finalized

Panaxia Global Reports Record Revenues of its Israeli operations: The preliminary outlook projects at least 14 million in Q2 2020. Completes 11 consecutive quarters of growing revenues

Blazing The Trail To European Exports: Panaxia Israel Announces receipt of EU-GMP Certification, Required For The Manufacture And European Export Of Medical Cannabis And Advanced Products

Panaxia Global Reports Record Revenues for its Israeli activity In the First Quarter Of 2020

A breakthrough in the global medical cannabis market: Neuraxpharm enters the medical cannabis market as the first-ever European pharmaceutical company to market medical cannabis products

Panaxia is preparing for European sales: Announces an agreement for temporary use rights in an R&D facility in Malta for the commercial production and marketing of its European cannabis products in Europe

Panaxia Israel Announces successful completion of the capital raising of 23 million ILS in privately allocated by Israeli institution investors and the company’s controlling shareholders.

Hemp-based products of Panaxia US and partner Ultra Health receive distribution and manufacturing license: Having passed the New Mexico NMED audit, Panaxia US received a first-of-its-kind license to manufacture and distribute products throughout the US

A first-of-its-kind permit to export cannabis oil from the US to Israel was granted to Panaxia (TASE:PNAX) and its partner Ultra Health

First distribution agreement for Israeli medical cannabis products in Danish market: Panaxia Israel will distribute and sell medical cannabis oil through STENOCARE, the largest distributor of medical cannabis stock in Denmark

Excellent clinical trial results for leading Panaxia products: Results prove efficacy of absorption in the blood and safety of tablets, suppositories and inhaled cannabis extract

Joining forces with Prof. Aaron Ciechanover: Prof. Markus Veit, member of the German Pharmacopoeia and a world-renowned expert in the registration of herbal medicinal drugs, has joined the advisory committee to Panaxia’s board

Panaxia joins the front line of the largest companies in the world: The first and only company in Israel to successfully complete a European regulation audit towards receiving a European EU-GMP manufacturing standard which enables export of pharmaceutical cannabis products to Europe

Professor Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, was appointed senior member in the advisory committee of Panaxia directorate

The merger deal of Panaxia Israel and Public company Herodium reaches the finish line

Panaxia Israel publishes its financial results for the first-half of 2019

A senior investment banker at Wall Street joins Panaxia: Orit Freedman Weissman, former partner at Goldman Sachs New-York, has been appointed Director in Panaxia

Panaxia Israel signed a Letter of Intent with Cannbit for the development of cannabis-based prescription drugs to relieve symptoms of ADHD and Fibromyalgia

Panaxia and Rafa sign a collaboration agreement with PlantEXT to research and manufacture the first medical cannabis suppositories intended for patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, Crohn's and colitis)

Revolutionizing Breakthrough for those suffering from chronic pain: a clinical research with medical cannabis sublingual tablets is currently on its way

Jonathan Kolber appointed Chairman of Panaxia Israel; Will also join as a shareholder in Panaxia Global with a 4-million-dollar investment

Good news for cancer patients treated with medical cannabis and suffering from breakthrough cancer pain: Panaxia has ended "In Human" phase in its clinical trial for one-of-a-kind metered-dose cannabis inhaler

Professor Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, was appointed senior member in the advisory committee of Panaxia directorate