About Us

Our Mission

Consistency, high quality, and standardization to make medical cannabis accessible for those who need it

Panaxia is modernizing the medical field with revolutionary pharmaceutical solutions that utilize the benefits of cannabis. We spearhead innovation in pharmaceutical cannabis by constantly introducing cannabis-based products that radically improve the lives of people suffering from a wide range of medical conditions. Panaxia differs from other companies because our consistent and precise products are formulated in delivery methods that make sense for more patients.

Our Story

Decades of experience to lead the way forward

Panaxia is part of a leading group of Israeli pharmaceutical companies with over four decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We are innovators—and our relentless emphasis on research and development means that today our entire group of companies offers more than 600 medical products in over 30 international markets to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

Our Quest

Research. Develop. Repeat.

 As pharmaceutical research on cannabis continues to evolve, we intend to stay at the forefront of the field. With over 20 percent of our workforce dedicated to research and development, we are committed to continuously increasing our knowledge and understanding of this plant’s wide range of therapeutic benefits. Our goal is to increase accessibility to pharmaceutical cannabis with cutting-edge products and a variety of new and familiar delivery methods.

Our Commitment

Quality and accuracy that caregivers and patients can depend on

Cannabis is a potent therapeutic, but its efficacy has been crippled by imprecise dosing, lack of standardization, inconsistency, and cumbersome delivery. Panaxia is committed to changing all that by bringing to the market products that follow the strictest pharma standards including highly advanced and validated analytical methods. We develop dosage forms that deliver a consistent amount of active ingredients to patients—time after time.

Our Team.
Led by Experience.

Executive Team

Dr Dadi Segal 67

Dr. Dadi Segal, Ph.D
CEO & Founder 
Ph.D: Computational Chemistry    

Assi Rotbart 15

Assi Rotbart
General Manager

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Sigal Ben Eli

Dr Eran Goldberg 61

Dr. Eran Goldberg, Ph.D
Ph.D: Plant Sciences

Board of Directors

Jonathan Kolber
Board, Chairman
Viola Growth,  General Partner

Orit Weissman
Goldman Sachs,  Partner & Head of Israel

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry and Distinguished Research Israel Institute of Technology, Professor

Prof. David (Dedi) Meiri
Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research
Biology and Cannabinoid Research Laboratory of Cancer

Prof. Markus Veit, Ph.D
Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Herbal medicinal products and
plant phenolics. Founder, Alphatopics, GmbH

Dr. Noa Leibobvitch
Product Development

Ph.D: Physiology & Pharmacology.  Teva, Global Head of Branded Product Development

Scientific Team Leaders

Genia Levinton
Analytical R&D manager

M.Sc: Chemistry

Dr. Sheina Tarlovski
Medical Manager

MD: Doctor of Medicine