Our Technology

Analytical Method

HPLC/UV – Panaxia retains state-of-the-art facilities and technologies and employs analytical methods and guidelines that are certified and meticulously referenced. Our current analytical method uses HPLC/UV to identify and quantify: THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, CBC, and THCV.

Our improved HPLC/UV analytical method reduces runtime while lowering costs. It also features an internal standard to improve monitoring for instrument performance.

LC/MS/MS – Our latest LC/MS/MS systems can quantify cannabinoids in blood samples, enabling us to perform PK studies faster and more cost-effectively. The system can also identify and quantify more cannabinoids, terpenes and degradation products, enhancing our ability to develop innovative products that can treat a wide range of medical indications.


Our products comply with the pharmaceutical industry’s Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure compliance to the strictest quality standards. Our investment in leading-edge facilities allows us to create more precise measuring methods and production models that are accurate to the nanogram, helping us tailor dosage and delivery methods to treat patients with a wide variety of indications effectively. We strive to minimize risks with facilities that are fully GMP-compliant during all phases of production.


Part of ensuring reproducibility and consistent dosage across products comes down to the validation of all manufacturing processes.

To accomplish this feat, we constantly focus on measuring our systems and products’ efficacy by establishing critical process parameters (CPP) and setting critical quality attributes (CQA).

Taken together, our validation efforts are designed to guarantee that our production process is uniform and results in a consistent pharmaceutical grade product.  


At Panaxia we follow a standardized manufacturing protocol for our existing products to ensure their specificity, reproducibility and accuracy.

We produce all cannabis oil extracts under our standardized protocols and are continuously refining our processes for our pharmaceutical delivery methods to assure better quality and performance.


Producing the Highest Quality Products

At Panaxia, standard of safety, efficiency, reproducibility, reliability and durability are uncompromised. We utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure the quality assurance standards are met and in line with those used by  the pharmaceutical industry.