Pharmaceutical formats

Pharmaceutical formats

PANAXIR Purified Medical Cannabis Extract for Inhalation

Cannabis purified extract is intended for inhalation using a vaporizer. The rate of blood absorption of cannabis products is largely determined by the route of administration. Following inhalation, peak plasma concentrations are reached within 3–10 minutes, which provides a rapid onset of the clinical effect.

Using vaporization to administer cannabinoids avoids the respiratory hazards associated with exposure to toxic pyrolytic compounds formed by combustion during smoking. Vaporization technology provides a safer alternative by decreasing respiratory and oncological risks while maintaining the pharmacokinetic advantages comparable to smoking, such as the rapid absorption via the lungs directly into the circulatory system.

The extract to be vaporized can be dosed precisely as required using the graduated syringe. Thus, the patient can inhale a single, precise dose each time.

Purified standardized extract for inhalation provides more accurate and consistent dosage form, allowing safer medical cannabis administration superior to smoking.

Product advantages:

• Accurate and consistent dosing – standardized extract that can be precisely dosed for each use.

• Rapid onset of clinical effect.

• Avoidance of the respiratory hazards associated with exposure to toxic pyrolytic compounds formed by combustion during smoking.

  • No additives or excipients

Medical Cannabis Sublingual Tablet

PANAXIR cannabis sublingual tablets have been developed to offer rapid disintegration under the tongue, allowing the active ingredients to be available to penetrate under the tongue through the mucous membrane, and to improve the palatability, and taste masking of the drug substances. The generic name of the medical cannabis sublingual tablet product is derived from the amounts of THC (Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) in each mg of the tablet, respectively.

The tablets offer substantial advantage over oils:

• Pleasant taste

• Simple administration and accurate dosing

• Improved patient compliance

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials (Intermediates) for magistral preparation of cannabis

Standardized extract in oily matrix (Middle Chain Triglycerides [MCT] oil)

We make kits to prepare full spectrum medical cannabis oils at various concentrations to treat a broad range of diseases. These kits contain constant and accurate concentrations of APIs and are simple to use by pharmacists. They include everything necessary to prepare personalized medical cannabis oils, according to the physician’s prescription, ready to be delivered to patients.

Sublingual Drops Medical Grade Cannabis

Panaxia sublingual drops are a full spectrum extract medical cannabis products that contain consistent and accurate concentrations of APIs. These products are made by validated pharmaceutical manufacturing process in order to ensure product quality and API consistency.

Medical Grade Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are full spectrum extracts standardized in ethanol. As a medicinal form with a broad and long history of use, a tincture is a recommended starting point for medical consumers looking for smokeless consumption methods. It belongs to the group of sublingual delivery forms and may provide a rapid therapeutic effect, decreasing the metabolism of cannabinoids in the liver.