Research & Tech

The Highest R&D Standards

R&D Process

As a leader in pharmaceutical cannabis, we maximize research and development efforts to guarantee the highest quality products. A quarter of all our employees are dedicated to Research & Development activities. Our R&D team is composed of highly experienced researchers holding PhDs in chemistry, analytical chemistry, biomedicine and pharmaceuticals.

Our team has years of experience in the traditional pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical cannabis industries. The R&D is based in Panaxia’s advanced facilities in Israel.

Regulated and GMP Compliant

Currently, Panaxia offers 32 different products in variety of dosage forms and delivery methods covered by seven patents while working to develop new, innovative products. We comply with GMP regulations for pharmaceutical production processes and meet the highest standards of specificity, reproducibility, and accuracy. Our formulation guarantees stability and accurate dosage delivery.

Product Pipeline

Expanding Our Products to Meet Changing Needs

Our R&D capabilities have expanded beyond tablets, capsules, extracts, and creams to a broad range of effective dosage forms and delivery systems.  Our team is constantly developing new products and technologies while continuously improving our exciting product portfolio. Currently, we have seven IPs and 32 delivery methods for a wide range of indications. Additionally, we are developing new formulations to combat sleep disorders, obesity and Parkinson’s disease.

Our latest developments include:

A dried powder inhaler 

The advantage of the pulmonary route is quick delivery of drugs into circulation followed by rapid onset of effects. As opposed to smoking, which is highly influenced by the smoking pattern, inhalation via a designated system provides delivery of measured dosage. The formulation is free of tar and other carcinogenic chemicals that exist in smoking. However, systemic delivery of lipophilic drugs through the lungs requires a unique formulation.

Cannabis gel and jellies

Swallowing dysfunction is common in general populations and more common in both young and elderly institutionalized patients.

Therefore, there is a need for novel oral delivery methods like gels and jellies which offer easy swallowing without discomfort or choking and suffocation hazard. Additionally, this mode of administration can exert both local and systemic effect.

Clinical Trials

Panaxia operates in a dynamic ecosystem of caregivers, researchers, and medical centers that nurture a creative approach and deeper understanding, while providing physicians with relevant research and support to drive innovation.

List of clinical studies and status:

• CBD-enriched oil for epileptic children – Published:

• A Clinical pharmacokinetics study of cannabis extract-based sublingual tablets and suppositories – Approved by the IMCA (Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency) – Approved by IRB

• The efficacy and safety of cannabis in the treatment of chronic migraine. A preliminary study – Pre-submission to the IMCA

Other clinical studies in our Pipeline:

• Psoriasis topical treatment

• Pain in Chronic Kidney disease