Hemp-based products of Panaxia US and partner Ultra Health receive distribution and manufacturing license: Having passed the New Mexico NMED audit, Panaxia US received a first-of-its-kind license to manufacture and distribute products throughout the US

March 17, 2020 | Yahoo News

Dr. Dadi Segal, Panaxia CEO: “This achievement joins a growing body of evidence demonstration the exceptional R&D capabilities of Panaxia as well as the highly successful partnership with Ultra Health with respect to product quality and regulatory compliance”

Panaxia US, manufacturer of pharmaceutical cannabis products in the US, and its strategic partner Ultra Health, the largest authorized cultivator and distributor of medical cannabis products in the State of New Mexico, US, have passed the New Mexico NMED audit and were granted a first-of-its-kind license to manufacture and distribute hemp-based products in NM and the US in general. Under the new license, Panaxia US will manufacture sublingual tablets, oral tablets, sublingual drops, with future expansion plans to include inhalable products, ointments, and creams. The products will be manufactured at a facility operated by Panaxia US located in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

The license allows Panaxia US and Ultra Health to produce hemp products and distribute them throughout the US whereas until now products departing this facility were distributed locally only. The first products were manufactured earlier this month. The facility was designed by Panaxia US and is operated by it while Ultra Health supplies raw materials and distributes the products. With this new license, the companies will be able to jointly distribute their products throughout the US.

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