‘Cannabis Is A World Of Mystery,’ Says A Nobel Prize Winner Working In Weed

Apr 22, 2019 | Forbes

Earlier this year, Israel-based pharmaceutical cannabis company Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries appointed Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover (72) as a senior member on its advisory committee.

Prof. Ciechanover, an Israeli biologist, got the highest honor from the Nobel Foundation for discovering ubiquitin‐mediated protein degradation. He is now one of the very few Nobel Prize winners actually working in the cannabis space.

‘A World Of Mystery’

During an exclusive interview held a few weeks ago, Prof. Ciechanover said that, while he recognizes “cannabis is a world of mystery,” his decision to join Panaxia was not driven by “the mystic aspect” of the plant, but rather by his desire to help with the science behind the company’s products.

“I’ve also learned a great deal about traditional Chinese medicine, and it too can be used as a source of many treasures regarding the plant; and let’s not forget that commercial companies are investing heavily in research and development,” he added.

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