Breaking News for cancer patients treated with medical cannabis: Breakthrough in Panaxia clinical research to deliver medical cannabis through metered-dose inhaler

Mar. 4, 2019 | Business Insider

Panaxia in collaboration with the Israeli Pharmaceutical company “Rafa”, has begun a clinical research of medical cannabis concentrates for inhalation. This new method of delivery will increase accessibility mainly in cancer patients treated with long-term pharmaceutical cannabis (such as sublingual tablets), and suffering from acute cancer pain who prefer to avoid smoking cannabis. The research has currently begun, and the products are due for distribution in pharmacies during 2019 under Rafa’s medical cannabis brand.

The Israeli pharmaceutical company Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries, has announced a clinical trial for registration purposes at the Ministry of Health, to examine the biological availability of delivering medical cannabis via a metered-dose inhaler.

The inhaler includes an attached vaporizer to which the patient adds the measured dose of cannabis extract for inhalation. The cannabis extract includes a precise dose of active ingredients.

Panaxia’s advanced medical cannabis products, marketed by Rafa Pharmaceuticals, will be tested as part of the clinical trial and its registration will revolutionize the way medical cannabis is used for treating patients. The great potential of cannabis, delivered via a metered-dose inhaler, is its designation for palliative cancer patients, which are eligible for treatment with medical cannabis and suffer from symptoms of cancer pain (BTcP).

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