CBD First Aid Creams

Evidence shows that CBD acts as antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory activity. Panaxia’s First Aid creams also contain trolamine (triethanolamine), which has known anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates tissue healing. This combination suggests an effect in reducing swelling and inflammation around wounds, improving skin elasticity, preventing wounds’ contamination.  

50mg CBD (in 1oz /30g)

50 mg CBD minor burns

150mg CBD (in 1oz /30g)

150 mg CBD minor burns

300mg CBD (in 1oz /30g)

300 mg CBD minor burns

CBD Facial Creams

To encourage better skin, Panaxia offers both CBD and trolamine-based facial creams. this combination can help with different skin conditions.

50mg CBD (in 1oz /30g)

facial 50 mg CBD

100mg CBD (in 1oz /30g)

facial 100 mg CBD